Why a ban on Coca Cola & pepsi

Perhaps a very very late reaction from my side. I am about to present you my perspective of how and why Coca cola got banned and which contributed to the whole of cola ban in India.

Before I start, I want all of you to know about Workers union Own Country, Sorry.  God’s Own Country. Kerala has been a state for working class, Those who work stay outside Kerala and earn money for the family (Gulf or part of the continent) and a part of janatha does Business and politics. The rest are either jobless or pretty selfcontent with their lives with the little livelihood from fishing or construction work or coolie.

I probably feel Kerala would the state which might be holding the record for the highest number of hartals in the country. Me being mallu I am ashamed to share with other readers or rest of the community that the politicians and the workers union has been causing enough damage to the development of people in kerala.

Let me illustrate with a small example:
Assume you want to change granite tiles in your house. What do we do in chennai?
We go to the respective granite shop select the stuff,

  1. get few people to get the stuff loaded on to the mini van or lorry.
  2. Get the whole thing downloaded at your residence.

Now what happens at Kerala

You choose your favorite granite from the shop
You ask your people (5 numbers) to load the stuff in to the mini lorry, Oh sorry you can’t load it on your own with out getting permission from these coolies they have got thir own union who are at the shop area. Here is the deal, you need to pay money to local coolies whether you engage the local coolies from the shop area to get the stuff loaded in to the mini lorry or by your own people.

Now you got the stuff to home

What happens next is the same at your residence to. The local coolies at your area need to be paid and get the stuff unloaded.

What is the point of these coolies?
They say that their livelihood is lost, as we hire people from different places.

Ok now to the politicians
Any man who gets killed in controversy gets the state pride of a one day holiday (hartal). Do they know business or do they ever worry about others.

eg. Sadam got killed and the whole state went for hartal (the best part, the ruling party declared it). I accept you are fighting for the right cause, Why affect your own business and your own peoples livelihood

Now on the ban:
Where is the Coca Cola production unit is located?

Coca Cola is dependent on Bharata Puzha river, the production unit of coca cola at Palakkad is close to the river bed and have been happily utilizing the water for some time, Coca cola company never ever thought that people out here could be capable of doing things which could effect the companies growth.

First thing people said their livelihood would be lost because there is no enough water supply for irrigation (completely true)
Things got heated up, Coca cola company was not ready to close the unit at Palakkad they did what ever to keep the company running (bad idea to fight against the people rather than going for compromise).

People of kerala had no other choice other than to ban Coca Cola or Cola brand all together.
The had to bring the old issues to light about the pesticides used in cola. (As if there were no pesticides on other food products.)

There is one more company in palakkad, Which is running and doing business happily? Guess who?
United breweries (King Fisher)beer production unit is in same palakkad, Nothing happened to that company why?

Kerala has a large majority of population for the consumption of alcohol. For death, birth, sadness, happiness or any occasion alcohol finds to be the center of attraction.

Here are some links which I felt you should also read.

  1. The Hindu
  2. India Resource center

Points to Ponder

only two reasons

  1. Company set up at the wrong place on earth even after knowing that lots of companies got shut down in kerala and has track record
  2. Peoples attitude towards life. They are not ready to work, but would be ready to enjoy King’s Life (Politics & Workers Union)

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10 thoughts on “Why a ban on Coca Cola & pepsi

  1. Why did parliament banned them inside their canteen?
    why has kerala got the statistics similar to developed countries in many areas?
    remember the court said nothing abt poison in cola, they said the state doesnt have the power to ban it.
    that doesnt mean that it is not harmful to health

  2. Arun
    You thought parliament canteens banned Cola?
    Do you know one thing, you visit any of the
    American lunch homes like (Pizza hut, Mary Brown etc) No water will be supplied, you can get it “on demand” only.
    The point I am trying to make is not about Cola ban. It is our Kerala politics and Workers union, which practices unethical business behavior.

    How many times have you suffered by Hartals?
    Hartal effects small business like any thing. Individuals and how about foreign tourists.

  3. I only wish that you wrote about this after reading in depth about the issue. Although I share your feelings about stupidity like imposing a Harthal for Saddam’s execution etc, the case of Coke is totally different.

    If you really want to know the facts behind the anti-Coke protests, you could read this – http://desicritics.org/2007/03/01/041612.php

  4. Jo Thanks for the right pointers, Again I would like to emphasis, is not about the cola ban – I am with people of kerala for the bad thing that the cola companies have been doing.
    Why aren’t people of Kerala understanding one thing?
    as you know politicians don’t say things that they are going to make a movement to ban Coke. They are in the rat race for holding a seat.
    And poor people are mislead get in to hartals etc which are actually going to worsen their lives.

    I am looking at what should be the right way with out effecting peoples lives

  5. hey.. nice writeup, esp with UB entering the picture! lol.. just wondering what they’ll use to ‘mix’ the ‘sarakku’ if cola goes away, will probably use UB’s soda i guess!!

  6. Hi,
    Good article…agree with you reg hartaals..

    But I feel, you need to look from different corners before conclusion as there are a lot of changes happening/getting happened in kerala…

    the coolie stories are very old ones ..cola story is going to be repeated in many parts of the world…

    I like to believe, in spite of having many bottlenecks in the way of development, kerala is holding its identity and setting many examples to the rest…

  7. Pepsi and coke have double standards for India and US. The companies wash their hands off once the bottles leave their factories. Do you what happens till it reaches the shelf of the shops. Hell. In one of the agents storage place in Chennai,there is nothing known like hygiene, there is no drinking water or sewage disposal in their place. During the last monsoon the crates were under sullage water for weeks. I would not serve pepsi or coke even to my enemies or even to a man sentenced to capital punishment. We see in tv commercials children drinking them. It took one signature by the Janata Govt to keep coke away from the country. One such signature is long over due in the interest of the citizens of India. They would dare do this in US. They would have been poorer by billions of dollars. Here they have ways and means of getting away with this rotten attitude of theirs.

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