Tata Motors to make Guy Negre “Air Car” (air as fuel)

Tata Motors to manufacture Guy Negre’s (inventor) Air compressed cars called “Air Car”. What is so special about this car? Air car uses Air as the fuel (Compressed Air) . These cars can run at 68 mph (109.435 392 kmph) and run up to 125 mile (201.168 kilometer) with a single recharge. Air cars will… Continue reading Tata Motors to make Guy Negre “Air Car” (air as fuel)

Good bye mGinger, Welcome SMS2India

mGinger finds a new competitor – sms2India.co.in I am seriously excited about the way their business proposal runs. Referral signup – if you need a referral Signup id: xtremevin@yahoo.com More earnings, because of referral signup More specific categories of advertisement to choose – helps the advertiser as the customer chooses specified advertisement. (targeted customers) Better… Continue reading Good bye mGinger, Welcome SMS2India

mGinger Signup – not a fair deal

Here is a question to the mGinger team. Should the mGinger site have the signup removed. Why? Because the site members should grow only through referrals, Just like how Gmail did initally Signup happened through referrals and the site didn’t have a signup button. What happens if they have a signup. The existing members who… Continue reading mGinger Signup – not a fair deal

What could be the Ideal Business for mGinger?

Dudes strike this deal, Here is my business proposal or call it a new marketing concept, on Digital Advertisements Call up a meeting with all mobile service providers. You already have the user’s preference of likes and dislikes. Now you don’t have to SMS any one. Instead put up Plasma displays every where in the… Continue reading What could be the Ideal Business for mGinger?

What savings after taxes in India

If you have been following the news recently, Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has said that the present inflation rate is less that 5.5 (currently 5.44) and his Government is looking forward to bring the inflation less to 5% in a shorter period of time. Good for all of us that his team is… Continue reading What savings after taxes in India

mGinger – mobile SMS nuisance

Do you want to get paid for the SMS which you receive on your mobile? Here are the ad providers, who would send SMS on your mobile and you could eventually earn money for viewing and deleting the SMS. Currently the site says How much money can I make? Ads you receive per day X… Continue reading mGinger – mobile SMS nuisance

Google follows UI of WordPress

There was a mailer from Google analytics team saying they had made a new version of the product. First impression, The dashboard looks cool with bring colors, options are ultimate. To my surprise Google Analytics reports UI looks much similar representation as WordPress blogger report UI, well even the hover of mouse. I know it… Continue reading Google follows UI of WordPress

Don’t Make me Think! – Adobe CS3

I got to say “Jaw dropping effect from the Adobe CS3” and hat off to the Adobe team and especially to the User Experience people out there. I had been to launch of Adobe CS3 at chennai Le Royal Meridien. Things which I attended Adobe Illustrator CS 3Adobe Photoshop CS3 Adobe Device Central – content… Continue reading Don’t Make me Think! – Adobe CS3