Reaching God’s Own Country

In the recent times, I have traveled by car from Chennai, TamilNadu to Thrissur, Kerala. For sure an unplanned trip to unavailability of train tickets had forced me to take my car. The travel had helped my family to rejuvenate, healthy debates to long family conversations & plans for future to avoiding disasters. Now to… Continue reading Reaching God’s Own Country

New Billa, Yes a good mass entertainer

Yesterday, I had been to the movie new Billa, featuring Ajith. The remake of Billa is worth, but still cannot match the old Billa featuring Rajinikanth. Why the new Billa can’t match the old Billa? Obvious reason, No Rajinikanth Logic is missing. On the data being copied on a USB pen drive, how much time… Continue reading New Billa, Yes a good mass entertainer