Who do you think will win in a city traffic ride, bicycle or bike

Yesterday was a different experience for me, After my son had bought a geared bicycle from track & trail, I wanted to try a long drive. It has been a long time since I have tried long distance over bicycle, as I had all the time, I decided to deliver a video file to my… Continue reading Who do you think will win in a city traffic ride, bicycle or bike

Why not Chinna Amma as CM?

Every Tamizhan around the world has this question – What, is she the next Chief Minister of Tamilnadu? how could they let it to happen. How far do all us know Chinna Amma? 90+ %  of us would say no, it is all in the news, all we hear is negative things about her and her… Continue reading Why not Chinna Amma as CM?

Feet 1st then your head

It is all about taking a bath. Why would nature allow us to experience feet 1st to feel water? Looks like there is a scientific reason on why our feet should feel the water first, it has something to adaptation of our body with temperature. I have heard from my friend’s grand parent that this… Continue reading Feet 1st then your head

Sporty new look for New Year

Most people who wear spectacles have an urge or pinning  to wear shades, so came the transition lens which adapt to sun rays and give a cooling effect to your eyes. But the transition lens didn’t look like a professional cooling glass, So I wanted to try this new product, sound promising except for the reflections which… Continue reading Sporty new look for New Year

Lets talk life -helping eachother

I was there yesterday evening attending, Lets talk life – topic was on “Mental illness”, which was moderated by Nandhitha & Sharada. I should say, I had an awesome session hearing to lot of pain from the speakers i.e their own personal experiences which caused them pain & a learning session on how to overcome them, in turn how… Continue reading Lets talk life -helping eachother

Terracotta exhibition- bring the mud back

It is lively event kids and adults get to practice/enjoy the following 1) make diya type mud cups 2) kids get to color mud pots & vessels 3) make shapes out of mud 4) organic food 5) buy terracotta art materials 6) get a health consultation, yes heard it right 7) and a store next… Continue reading Terracotta exhibition- bring the mud back