Rediff Mailer – spelling

rediff mailer typo error

It is good to send occasional mailers to tap new or renew business, but not with spelling mistakes, Often it happens with visual designers they just madly copy the text and paste on photoshop (they don’t read the text), I have made similar mistakes. Once my Manager said, so times spelling errors could give a different meaning altogether. I was wondering a big brand like rediff could come up with spelling errors.

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One thought on “Rediff Mailer – spelling

  1. Spelling Mistake is a Gen X addition. Most of them know the spelling. But are not bothered to type it properly when using e-mail or sending SMS. They need to read it somehow and understand the text.
    You may look at any Lorries coming from other states and see all these funny spelling mistakes they(Lorry Painters) make…
    But for a big company to make a spelling mistake is a huge pull back on their image. The advt. agencies on their behalf are to blame as well.

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