Shocking !!! HDFC Net banking – Google ad service & others

Seriously I have no idea why a HDFC banking site would need to connect Google Ad service,  and few more others. click on the image for a larger view forgive my ignorance, Why Does HDFC Bank needs to connect to Google ad service? is it for Money? Is part of HDFC net Banking? What… Continue reading Shocking !!! HDFC Net banking – Google ad service & others

Once there was… in Chennai

  Once this was Chennai with full of advertisements all over, These photos are dated to September 2007.  Any where you turn around, half of the bricks where covered with Hoarding, So large building lost its ventilation.   It was a great pass time for people who travel by bus and being co-passengers in a… Continue reading Once there was… in Chennai

What would 4 KG of old books fetch?

You must be thinking what kind of post is this with this type of title. My son was gaga over a week about the thing that school is offering notebooks for the weight of old books, Initially I ignored, then thought,  they are giving it to some school children who can’t afford to buy books.… Continue reading What would 4 KG of old books fetch?

Why set top box implementation in hurry?

Probably we are busy, our children want to watch Cartoon channel, Ladies don’t want to miss the never-ending saga. There are a lot of projects which are moving in snail pace, but this process is with a deadline. The worst part of these paid channels is that we continue to watch them with all the… Continue reading Why set top box implementation in hurry?

Maruti rating has got to do with JD Power

For a month I have been researching on buying a new hatchback, had a Mahindra Renault Logan petrol GLX for 2 and half years and finally gave up on Mahindra’s marketing strategies of reducing the pricing of car. Imagine what happens to early adopters is a big middle finger. My criteria was responsive, economical, spacious… Continue reading Maruti rating has got to do with JD Power

Know you customers – need & usage

A disappointed salesman of Coca Cola returns from his Middle East assignment. A friend asked, “Why weren’t you successful with the Arabs?” The salesman explained, “When I got posted in the Middle East , I was very confident that I would make a good sales pitch as Cola is virtually unknown there. But, I had… Continue reading Know you customers – need & usage

Her Morning Elegance – Amazing Video

It is been a long time since I have seen a nice video, by using simple technique, like the stop motion photography. I wouldn’t say making this video is simple, it takes hours to create the video, the main thing is the lighting which needs to be considered. Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance by… Continue reading Her Morning Elegance – Amazing Video

mGinger Captcha Challenge, UserExperience

After a long time, I finally login to mGinger to find any thing interesting happening and wanted to know how much I had earned so far. There was an interesting promo to refer a friend, I did fell for the marketing stunt, so I choose the option as Orkut, because most friends at orkut don’t… Continue reading mGinger Captcha Challenge, UserExperience

College Students, Bee a smart Lender – use LendBee

Photo Courtesy: Rosie Hardy Imagine countless books for reference on top of your semester books, Carrying them, taking care of them is a much pain. Here is a cool solution which will make you feel better Lendbee is a system which allows you to share books, CD, DVD, Movies, Magazines, Ebooks and those online manuals… Continue reading College Students, Bee a smart Lender – use LendBee

Singles Advertisements at its best

After a very long time I am seeing some funny advertisement which provoked me to go and look at what the site is all about. Three simple advertisements as follows really cool ads from This site never said a word about dating or singles, just the intension of an idea person. Technorati Tags: singles,… Continue reading Singles Advertisements at its best