Nature Vs Man – perungudi, Chennai

Looking at the above pictures does it make any sense to you. We where at Eliphinstone Bridge Adyar,  yesterday evening. Bragadeesh Prasanna & your truly were in a discussion about the Theosophical Society Adyar, why it is still private and why the government should take control. Before that this a response to the post of a CBCian member… Continue reading Nature Vs Man – perungudi, Chennai

Velankanni – extended trip no:1 – 2013

A larger view of photos can be found here This post is a continuation of  Chennai – Thanjavur Road trip No:1 – 2013 As I said we reached Karikal, had to meet a relative and from there we set out to Nagapattinam to reach Velankanni in the morning. Velankanni is a commercial place, yet the temple… Continue reading Velankanni – extended trip no:1 – 2013


  Here is my take on forefathers ideas and questioning self why they did this? I am sure most of you know what this is?   but do you know what for?   was it to drive evil spirits – hell not. It was to drive lizards, files. The bright color made it look venomous and smell… Continue reading Dhrishti