Gang of Girls – Movie Making tips for Bittu Jones’s Diary

Bittu Jones’s Diary – A captivating hoarding on the 100 feet road, chennai, Tamilnadu – India.

I had spoken about gang of girls a product or new venture of sunsilk to attract young girls/ women/ ladies to share their views and thought online, a social networking tool exclusively built for The women.

Now gangofgirls have launched a new idea in their portal for girls / women/ ladies who can make their own movies and share with like minded people.

To start of here are few tips to make short films. The budget is really low.

  1. If you want to make your own movie. Have a concept, If you don’t have one choose one. With out which don’t even start of taking videos.
  2. Research about the subject, search them online, talk to friends, so that you will know whether people like the idea.
  3. If you have a Mobile Phone like the N-Series Nokia N70 the starting range or Sony Ericsson’s W850i which are decent enough ones to start of (decent quality digital video). The best part is they are already digital video, You don’t have the hassle of converting the mini DV cassette videos from your Handy cams to digital ones. There are digital Handy cams in the market, they are really costly and the media (DVD) for the ones are not cheap.
  4. Test you movies, Choose grouper or revver to upload your movies to convert the video to flash viewable formats.  This is to check the quality of your video online.

So what are you ladies waiting for?
Make your own short movies, or full fledged ones. Photographers can now think of making their vision come true.
So Start, Camera, Action.

Hope Gangofgirls will have lots of new Directors. Wish you all ladies a “best of luck”

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