Terracotta exhibition- bring the mud back

It is lively event kids and adults get to practice/enjoy the following 1) make diya type mud cups 2) kids get to color mud pots & vessels 3) make shapes out of mud 4) organic food 5) buy terracotta art materials 6) get a health consultation, yes heard it right 7) and a store next… Continue reading Terracotta exhibition- bring the mud back

This site may harm your computer

If you did search with google for keywords, google suggest for a potential threat from a site, WOW that is proactive search results. Google guys nice work, hats of to you guys. click on the above image for the search results, to find the key words. If you wanted to know what the link suggests… Continue reading This site may harm your computer

Check list before a road trip

Are you planning to take your car for a long drive (long drive – at least a minimum of 100 KMS). He are few tips, do and don’t which could help you for safer and refreshing long drive. Tips: Get your car serviced before a long drive, Why?You don’t know what are the wear out… Continue reading Check list before a road trip

Mp3 Player for Bloggers

Do you want to have your own mp3 player on your blogs?I have created a small project using Adobe Flash, there are different files available, one with mp3 file embedded and other supports with external mp3 and both support streaming. If you are interested you can download the source files here.Currently there is no support… Continue reading Mp3 Player for Bloggers

Create StoryBoard/ presentation with toonDoo or Fix8

What is ToonDoo? ToonDoo let you to create your own storyboard or presentation. Comic characters come to life with respect to your creativity. Well something like you don’t need a graphic artist or designer to create a cartoon character to tell the story of what you have in your mind. So What is Fix8? Well… Continue reading Create StoryBoard/ presentation with toonDoo or Fix8

[DIY] Save on Tax Money – India

As many of you have been taking sessions with your financial adviser on how to cut tax. Most of you will agree with me that their suggestion were take up a L.I.C policy buy a new home Invest in PPF Invest in Indira vikas patra Mutual Fund (tax saver) etc etc But how many of… Continue reading [DIY] Save on Tax Money – India