BEYBLADE – amazing addiction among Kids

Beleive it or not, when I was young I love to play with the Top, Just like the beyblade, But that top was just INR 1 (Indian rupee) or so at that time, but the pricing of Beyblade is INR 299. I am not complaining about the pricing because of the user-Experience. My son had… Continue reading BEYBLADE – amazing addiction among Kids

Must need feature for – Zoho Writer

I am using Penfriend – ” Word prediction Software” to write this post I should say this is one of the best features I feel any word editior should possess” A online form should have this word prediction software to help people fill the form. After hours of searching on the Internet I still haven’t… Continue reading Must need feature for – Zoho Writer

RUN IE7 without install

I just downloaded the IE7 beta took a test drive with out installing IE7 on my machine, Thanks to the hacks provided by Google Operating System Indeed a wonderful hack, The only restriction was that every time I open a new tab my old tab was getting hidden. Anyways IE seems to rock the same… Continue reading RUN IE7 without install

Find Blood Donors – Online

I am talking about an Indian site, you will find all Indian States- Cities listed. The next time you receive a SMS asking you to help, Please forward them this online Link – They will have one more option of finding people fast. You can also register there to be a donor and save… Continue reading Find Blood Donors – Online

Google SketchUp

Latest Killer App from Google. If you want to show how you dream home should be to your builder, This is the right tool. It took just 5 mins for me to work on the above image. I remember when you work on the 3D softwares like 3dStudio Max and Lightwave 3D, it takes little… Continue reading Google SketchUp

Refer Firefox, when IE

A site which is been promoting Firefox has been encouraging site owners to refer Firefox instead of IE to earn USD 1$ from Google. More read from here Yeah Yeah Google is paying you, all you need is Google Adsense Account and your visto downloads Firefox you make money. You have 3 Stealth option  to… Continue reading Refer Firefox, when IE

2 ways, Uninstall flash Plugin

There are 2 ways to uninstall Flash Plugin. from Kewbee free software which is called as Flash Plugin Switcher Advantage all versions of flash plugin can be uninstalled and install a selected version with ease. from Macromedia after the release of Flash 8 they have provided a uninstaller Disadvantage, Plugin's version need to installed manually,… Continue reading 2 ways, Uninstall flash Plugin