Bachelors – Go get a life

I have couple of young friends, some just finished out of college and waiting for job and some as fresher’s out in my office and some who have enough experience in the job and stay Single.

I have seen these youngsters getting dated to the bright and colorful computer monitor, late in the evening chatting with friends using yahoo,MSN or any other messengers or even writing scrap books at orkut, or at Myspace or any other social gathering site. The good point they recognized the best place to hang around on the digital world, but miserably failed in the real world.

Some of my friends proactively hang around the floating population at Chennai’s Spencer’s plaza or at Cafe Coffee day, End of the day most of them make no friends out there.

So what is the point you saying I don’t have a Girl Friend or a Boy Friend.

What is the next step?
Now go get a life



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