Fast & Steady relationship

This post is in continuation of Want to have friend?

What type you R, I and not comparing you with the honda type R cars, they are fast and reliable
Are you looking at 2 fast 2 furious relationship
remember it is not meant to last.
Most men do this mistake: before marriage they care for the first lady and they happen to wait for hours, they listen, they obey, they buy, they get and everything after marriage turns be like I, ME, Not you, not yours etc. do you know the reason
There was actually no time for you to know eachother, you people got busy***. You never learnt about dislikes,hate,offend,turnoff
Fast Love actually means 1 night stand, Which I don’t encourage and I am not going to talk about that.

e.g. A distant relative of mine just got married and had been at our parents place for dinner, this guy would do any favours for this lady even ignoring my parents, Gosh was an embarrassing situation for my parents. Now they are divorced, reason – they didn’t understand eachother, SEX alone is not marriage.

If you looking for steady Love- Give time for friendship to blossom, Let both of you feel that, you can’t live with out each other.



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