Want to have friend?

This is in continuation of my previous post Bachelors – Go get a life
I am just trying to kindle the fire in every one of you
What is the next step?

If you need a girl friend you need to follow these steps

Step 1: Listen
Learn to Listen (even after knowing this trick I do the same mistake often with my wife)

Step 1: Develop a thick skin
There is no more of I it is now WE, you can be a male chauvinist any longer.

Step 1: Communicate
Knowing the other person, I know this is the toughest part, as you may not know this person at all, know her friends, sometimes her friend may not look the best, but still you need to talk to her best friend/s.

Common mistake, just because she gave you a big vibe, doesn’t mean she is in love with you. She may have the intension, unless you take it forward nothing is gonna happen.

Step 2: No middle men
Learn to say that you care and not your friend going and saying, you care for her. If you don’t have the guts, you better sit at home with your dumb computer.

  1. Mostly this happens when you start liking a girl at the first sight, never do this, this is a pitfall.
  2. Move with all the girls you like the same way, only time tell who is good and who is not. When you are friends you don’t have the stammering problem or
    the starting problem, when you decide you need her or care more for her, EXPRESS IT, don’t wait…
  3. A friend of mine asked his girl friend’s friend to communicate that he care for his girlfriend, believe me, every thing went the wrong way, after which he mustered courage and proposed his first lady.
  4. A friend of mine got married to a girl who were friends for about 7 years and never said the word “I Love you”, they have a kid now. 😉

One more topic which I will discuss later. before I wind up this topic, let me iterate, Most youngsters don’t look at the inner soul they get carried
away by the looks
Mind these words : A girl good in geography is weak in her history
Remember: Take time, listen, communicate and now it is all WE



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