Attitude VS Aptitude

Aptitude – A Geek, who know everything but has bad attitude
Attitude – A not so Geek with a good attitude

Who do you choose to work with?
This has been a question in most of the small and medium sized organisation. Why?
Attitude can only be changed only on will and sacrifice but Aptitude can be gained over a period of time.

A person with a good aptitude doesn't mean he will be ready to solve every problem, but a guy will a good attitude may not solve all your problem but will be ready to solve the problem. He will be ready to learn new things, work hard, will have patience, will even question you why that should be done that way.

A company expects a multifaceted roles and not a person who will do things what he is expected to do.

This doesn't mean a person with a good aptitude has a mean atttitude.

Conclusion – Even if you have a good aptitude you can also have a good attitude towards life, where people will start looking at you as idol.

Start setting as an example for others.

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2 thoughts on “Attitude VS Aptitude

  1. how will u improve aptitude plz help me what are basic things with the help of aptitude will be strong plz guide me i am waiting for your reply

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