You are sexy, you are different = Centre of attraction

It is late response from my side, still.
This is in response to few bloggers out there who supported or have been against this post


Let me start by saying, we as Men have a natural instinct to look at the opposite sex, that doesn’t actually mean that very look is equal to raping you in our tiny heads.

Just because of few rotten eggs, don’t brand the entire “MAN kind” to be rapists and we grope in public.

We as humans have 6 senses, Should I educate you, I am sure I don’t have to, you are mature enough to understand what you read and to even do a sensible writing.

I have few doubts in mind, hope women out there can help me clear it out

  1. Why do you wear a Bindi and a kajal?
  2. Why do you have to use a perfume/deodorant? Hopefully a majority of them use is my faith
  3. Why do few girls/women love to color their hair?
  4. Why do few girls/women love to wear a jean? you guys have a variety of dress in your wardrobe compared to men who can choose to wear a dhoti or pants or shirts, not big of variety you see.
  5. Why do few girls/women love to wear small skirts or short tops? Don’t get wild at me, my lovely girl friends
  6. Why do few girls/women choose to wear low-cut saris and low neck blouse?

You too have natural instincts, you are born to attract the opposite sex – Finally it boils down to sex and then the child, I know, I know – I am not going to discuss about that.

Be happy that what you are trying is actually getting better result, well I will not say it is certainly good for you but it does attract MEN.


Let me illustrate with an example

A herd of girls/women pass by in a public place, where men have out numbered women. Most Men choose to look at the most attractive women in that group, it could be just one or two or .. or all.  For those men, these women look attractive. Out of that most attractive women, she doesn’t have to dress inappropriate. She is a natural-born attractor of the opposite sex.

Like vice-versa Women do look at men, when he is attractive, don’t they.

A Joke, a forward mail

Son: Mom you are white, I am black, why?

Mom: I have been crazy while I was young, be happy that you don’t bark

The above joke is not to make women to be termed bad, bitchy. I am trying to say –  about the lifestyle the attitude, what they choose.

A girl good in her geography is weak in her history

– heard that long, long ago, while I was doing my college days. I believe that is one of the reasons why Indian men choose to have dull looking wife and a gorgeous girlfriend. May be, I still don’t know. Trying to figure out.

Half revealing is the most dangerous than revealing it full – you are sexy, you are different = centre on attraction.

I am not the best judge to say how you should dress in-appropriately – If you know the guys whom you hang around, but still you are vulnerable, just that you trust them while you hang around in close circles.  While in public, that is entirely a different scene. You are bound to see dogs, refer to the above joke.

A saying goes by “Your kid is not your kid, the moment he/she steps out of your home” meaning he/she is a common person. This line has to be read in between the lines. Hope you understand the statement.

For the writer who wrote that entire piece of an article – first hats off to that woman for her courage, but she didn’t get the fundamentals right.

Your statements are partly making the man kind guilty, and it is true. but don’t tell men not to use the sense “look” at women. The moment we use the sense called “Touch” we have crossed the limit. That is where you kid has to taught about respecting “Women”

Poor soul,  did want attention, she is lonely soul, ponder her love.

I too have women at home – Mother, Sisters, Wife and daughters. Teach them that quote about kid, so that they choose to do wisely and know that has reactions too.

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future – source unknown.

Hope men will change, it is all with the parent how you bring up you child.

The next time you do show your assets, do know that I am not a saint.

I may choose to think any of these

  1. She can handle the situation, while in the case of my daughter or my friend’s daughter
  2. She want to attract the opposite sex. hmmmm….n hell no, no comments please
  3. poor soul needs attention, Ignore her, as I have already pondered love to my loved ones 😛


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