What could be the Ideal Business for mGinger?

mGinger Business Proposal

Dudes strike this deal, Here is my business proposal or call it a new marketing concept, on Digital Advertisements

Call up a meeting with all mobile service providers. You already have the user’s preference of likes and dislikes. Now you don’t have to SMS any one. Instead put up Plasma displays every where in the city (malls, cinema halls, public toilets, if possible trains, buses and think where ever is possible of any public places which could house for these digital plasma screens).

Here is the Math?
What you need to provide is plasma screens with digital Advertisements and the service provider will let you know where you registered users are?

Your math comes here, you know the preference of each user available at a location. Check the highest choice preferred and let the advertisement roll out.

You give the highest digital impression on the advertisement, and you could have more potential customers as they going to getter discounts on the purchase from the shop, your subscriber needs to flash your membership card.

Your subscribers could even sms you to find out the best deals at a local store.

This is my idea, so be sure to take care of me 😉
SMS is annoying, apart from that. The email boxes are getting mGinger signup mails.

What say?

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11 thoughts on “What could be the Ideal Business for mGinger?

  1. hello sir
    i’ll think joint your mginger family
    please help me sir i’ll create mginger.com
    thank you

  2. hello sir,
    my number is 9344720273 please tell me this number verification code no. sir.
    i’d like mginger.com sir

  3. when u launch ur model, it will also have some flaw because not all the members will be exposed to that plasma screen, and it is still the extention of conventional outdoor advertisement.

  4. I haven’t completely placed the business proposal out here. Just a spark.
    “see you got agtitated, when you see incomplete solution” as we currently see in mGinger

  5. Dear Sir,

    I liked mGinger.com and i am spreading it amoung my all friends and relative but the only Drawback is to STOP the chain in between 3 Links.
    I think you should think over it

  6. Sir,

    i have join mGinger but not get SmS Daily SO CAN U EXPLAIN ME Y I NOT GET sms My No is 9936191784 & my all friend not get nasseges so plz explain me m.



  7. i have join mGinger but not get SmS since,so plz explain why i not yet recieved sms to my mobile & my all friends who joined below me also not get SMS. so plz explain me.

    thankyou ,

  8. Pingback: Anonymous
  9. I have changed my mobile number recently. So I have updated the new number in Mginger too… But when I am trying to verify my mobile number, I was not able to send my verification code successfully to the number 567672525 as you mentioned.

    As the mobile was not verified, I am not getting any messages from MGINGER from lost 20 days. Could any one help me in this issue…..?

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