End to Anonymous Phone Calls & Privacy

I guess Citibank  is the first to be proactive to put an end to anonymous Phone calls, promotional mailers (spam mails). Yesterday I received a Mail from Citibank asking me for the preference of me receiving the mails.

I remember the same when I worked in Clasticon Solutions a year ago, My friend Navin told me that Citibank is planning on sending mails to all its customers, about the choice of mails which the customers would like to receive.

Well it took one year, but good they are likely to be the trend setters as the same may be expected from other banks and mobile operators like Airtel,aircel Hutch.

Here is the mailer which I received from Citibank
Click to open a larger clear version
Click to open a larger clear version

But one more thing is that Who ever designed this form is mean
Why don’t they like a customer?
Imagine, I would like to receive email’s but not phone calls- there is no option for me to list in the above form.
The brilliant IIM guys @ citibank suck


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