Good bye mGinger, Welcome SMS2India

mGinger finds a new competitor – I am seriously excited about the way their business proposal runs.

  1. Referral signup – if you need a referral Signup id:
  2. More earnings, because of referral signup
  3. More specific categories of advertisement to choose – helps the advertiser as the customer chooses specified advertisement. (targeted customers)
  4. Better payout options (paypal also)

This is what the site says

You receive 10 SMS per day.

Your 10 Friends receive the same SMS.

Each of their 10 friends receive the same SMS.

You earn Rs. 6882 per month.

You get 20p for each SMS you receive.

You get again 20 p for each SMS your friend receive.

And you get again 20 p for each SMS your friend’s friend receive.

After signing up with I really feel bad about the way signup happens with because you are about to expose your email id for your referrals. I guess they need to find a way to have some number or alpha numerical characters as referral id. I am sure they will change in due course of time.

Currently there is no way to keep track of your network or your earnings, I guess we just entered the Kitchen (should be developing the software).

Anyway I am excited about because they could launch the new product in a months time just after mGinger.
Wishing you all the best for the SMS2India team.

So why wait signup for and incase you need the referral id:
Start earning money today. Let us hope atleast will send us mobile advertisement as SMS.

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24 thoughts on “Good bye mGinger, Welcome SMS2India

  1. Is SMS2india more legit and working as compared to Mginger. Wats the update on mginger. are they sending in sms’s or not. If sms2india is better id like to join. but im quite vary of signing up for nothing.

  2. lol

    vinod congrats, it seems they are checking your blog.

    They just added the login panel + details to show earnings and network…


    funny man…

    Thanks for doing this for all of us…

  3. lol

    one more thing

    they also removed email thing…
    now you need to give your invite id to peoples….
    lol man….u r great.

  4. SMS2India is a copy cat of will not work in the market..they are still developing the site…and that too they copied everything..even they forget to change the link of mGinger..hehehe..if u copy Google and open ur new Google search engine do u think u can compete…Original idea was from mGinger so people will join only mGinger not SMS2India..I am pretty much sure SMS2India will not survive more than 6months..

  5. adMAD and sms2india are trying to copy mginger to get their share in sms advertising. Its funny to see adMAD and sms2india just copied and pasted mginger theme. its really shame to see what indians are doing on internert without much creativity. adMAD and sms2india are claiming they will give more money compare to mginger. Just think why advertiser will advertise through adMAD and sms2india at higher cost if mginger is available at lower cost. adMAd and sms2india are just wasting their time and money and also wasting time of indian people.

  6. Hi, just wanted to say you have a very nice blog, am gonna add it in my website in the blogs section, but i think you should replace your background with a better one.. but this is just my opinion 🙂

  7. Hi friend,
    Registered to the SMS India website with ur idea. Enjoy.

  8. And welcome to ADmad..the 3rd in the mobile marketing go join the 3rd too.
    Moreover it offers a lot more….you earn for referrers upto 5th level.That’s great…if you earn re.1 with mginger,now u can earn rs.4 a day with all the three companies…go on and register..
    ADmad<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>ADmad</a>

  9. Ok, Ok I get it now hahahaha. Thanks for the good post. I am getting there heh

  10. SMS2India – I didnt got any ads from these guys. Half of the time it is down. Copy cats will not survive till they innovate and it seems they have little brains to do something original..

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