Apple iPhone is more on Usability, for the Class and not Mass

Long time ago I said in one of my post
“Why in the first place do we need keys for our gadgets why not just touch screens, view a large video, type things like you find one on the tablet PC or handheld devices (PDAs).” read here –>

Apple is the only company who seemed to understand the needs of customer or can I say the comfortable use of the instrument. The transition from iPod to iPhone is great with out loosing for the usability. From the wheel to the current touch screen which is available on the iPhone.

There are lots of users who are worried about how to depart from word processors which they have been using on black berry or other devices, if you understand that it is only the software which they need to update. Remember the iTunes had couple of updates for your iPod, now mostly looks rock solid. The worst case is that you have sites like writely  or Zoho Writer who could ease processor power of the instrument as well as storage.

Well Indian users want to have a hang of the iPhone, where there is battle for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and the black berry, in terms of the high end Phones. Wish iPhone could join the battle. They could tie up the biggest network the Airtel in India.

My Bet is iPhone could win in India,Singapore than the U.S market.

P.S Note: Zoho writer is a product of Adventnet, and I work for the product OpManager in Adventnet.

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3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone is more on Usability, for the Class and not Mass

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