Don’t Just Stop with Website for promotion

I remember yesterday evening I was saying the same thing to DevAnand, If Opmanager MSP needs to come to top in search engine you need more people to talk about Opmanager MSP in the blogs and you more potential customers on the website.

Why Blog? why not just google ads? Website Keywords, description etc ?
Simple there are other sites which are more popular than your websites, Where more people come there to collaborate, discuss, talk, express and what not. If more people are going to talk about your product, more the response you get from technorati. so you listing gets improved in Google or other search engines like yahoo, MSN

Do remember Yahoo is still the KING and then google after which is MSN.

Here is a little stat on what helped this Blog hits go up.

To name a few

  1. Delicious
  2. Technorati
  3. Digg
  4. Furl
  5. fark

And here is nice article which on the Yahoo News which gives an idea Why blogs also helps?

PS: for those who don't know what OpManager is "Opmanager is Network monitoring Software" which is under the brand name ManageEngine and is a product of Adventnet , in short terms it is nothing but a – Mapping – Monitoring – Alerting – Reporting tool. if you need to know more about the software you check this link of opmanager, Opmanager MSP is another flavour for the MSP (Managed Service Provider) and the link is right here.

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