Howto -Printing Background colors : browser setup

We have been working on ManageEngine -> Opmanager -> MSP product and faced a situation on printing reports.

Task Print graph:

The task was to print to graph which had the border and color filled.
we searched around IE and Firefox browser

Firefox was little intelligent – they showed the option under File -> Page setup

Well IE (internet Explorer) usability was bit tough they placed it under

Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced (tab) -> on the printing section

Next time you want your reports to have the color filled remember to have these setup on your browsers.

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7 thoughts on “Howto -Printing Background colors : browser setup

  1. Hi Vinod,

    your post was cool and by the way tell me how do you manage to understand and decipher multiple tools where we are finding it difficult to manage with a single tool ?

    Ashok Srinivasan.

  2. Ashok,
    Do you want me to blow my own trumpet
    Girish, My product manager/Well wisher/ Friend, once said to me that tools allow you finish your job fast, today it can be flash tommorrow it could be ajax or future it could be anything. So tools don’t matter, skillset helps
    Passion is what which drives you, so chase the passion and work, not the tools

  3. Never thought of that, thanks for the great advice, we all rely too much on technology when we should give things a little more creative thought. Peter

  4. As far as I have been able to determine, printing background colors and images is not available in Google Chrome. If someone discovers the trick, I would like to know.

  5. Very cool information! I found the option in Firefox but don’t see it in MSIE but I know your post from years ago and things have changed. I am curious about more browsers. What about Chrome (my fav!) and Safari? It would be useful if you include the specific releases you were using.

    I’m going to look for more recent posts, pages, etc.

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