What is Site24X7 beta

Do you have a website?
And if your service provider never cares to provide you a site availability report, here is the magical tool which does the following capabilities

1) monitors the URL
2) checks for a supplied keywords on your site for eg any important keyword on your content, there are 2 uses of this

a) to check whether the site is been hacked
b) if your content is database driven the words are checked, hence to ensure your website database is working perfectly

3) Allows you follow a sequence of page tracking on your site
4) Alerts through email, provides with additional email fields to alert your service provider or your friend or boss
5) provides you excellent graphical report of Availability and Response time history
6) you can have your alerts through SMS
7) All this for Free

So get started, Register now and get your sites monitored for Free.

What is Site24X7 beta?
Site 24X7 beta is a URL monitoring tool, i.e a website monitoring tool to check for Availability

Wonderful tool for the network and system administrators, if they had to monitor their company website.
Opmanager– Network monitoring software too, has this feature, so Network administrators can also use the URL monitor feature available with Opmanager

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