Howto screenshot as 300DPI

The other day we were working for the NewYork trade show Artwork and we wanted to take a ManageEngine Opmanager screen snapshot and make a billboard.
Task: What you see on the computer screen is 72 DPI where as on print what we need atleast a minimum of 100 DPI better one of 300 DPI

Desire output

Using Adobe Photoshop and using your normal screen capture method ALT + Printscreen (to get the highlighted or active window) or just Printscreen (to get the entire desktop), you could get the desired 300DPI

Step 1

Capture your desired screen

Step 2

Open Adobe Photoshop and choose File ->New
enter the resolution as 300 DPI
press ctrl +v on PC please find the equivalent on Macintosh (Mac users please suggest the key equivalent on my comments area)

Step 3

Crop the desire area using your marquee tool

step 4
You are done, currently this screenshot is 300 DPI and by using your move tool move the screenshot to your desired artwork

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6 thoughts on “Howto screenshot as 300DPI

  1. But that does not make the screen shot 300 dpi, it converts the file to 300 dpi. If your screen shot was captured at 72(as every program I’ve found so far does) photoshop will simply show you how the file will print when set to a printer(which prints EVERYTHING in 300 dpi, regaurdless of machine specs or printer resolution). In order to get a quility image, you must CREATE the screenshot at 300 dpi in the first place. do you know of any screen shot programs that will do this? the ones above don’t seem to

  2. The trick won’t work!
    When u handle the job so, the print size will be reduced to a very small size.

  3. Both responses to the technique are true. You end up with a 72 dpi image inside a 300 dpi file. The OCR program can open it but gives no usable results.

    The technique is slightly flawed, however, with a slight modification, you can get a 300 dpi result. Paste from the clipboard into Photoshop via “New from clipboard” this gives us a 72 dpi file. Then have photoshop resize the image from 72 dpi to 300 dpi. This gives us a much larger file, but one at 300 which can then be read by an OCR program.

  4. Hi Guy,

    How did OCR get into the problem? The original issue was about making a billboard.

    Were you looking at this item to solve an OCR problem and trying to sharpen the image? If so, then this is only one of several PhotoShop or GIMP techniques that could be used to get improved OCR results from a marginal image.

    If your problem is capturing text from a screen, try HyperSnap. The free version does all the text capture that the paid version does, the difference is that the free version puts a watermark on captured images, but it does not do anything to text.

    I hope this helps,

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