My Picasa 2 Web Albums My experience

I had been on vacation with my friends and family tour, When I came back I didn’t have option to show all the images to all my friends. Yeah I know we have lots of websites which offer you free upload of images and allow you to view them, but the toughest part was to upload all these images one after the other, that was really a pain.

I am sure most of you would have experienced the same with flickr or other website which offer you this service.

Google seems to understand the users expectation all the time. The users pain.

I had picasa installed already on my machine, After I got the invite they presented an update on Picasa, felt do I really need to update my Picasa. After I did, it was a wonderful experience.

As I too work on a product Opmanager as the User Interface Designer, I find really find the user experience approach of google to be amusing.
The minute you login to the destop version of picasa and configure the google online account with picasa you are done.
Things which were magic on the picasa desktop

  1. select the images right click Choose “upload to web Album”
  2. Choices you get
  3. You can create a new album
  4. post your images to the existing one

All selected images got uploaded successfully, with out you knowing, you could go and take cup of coffee, by that time things are done

Things which I loved on the online version

  1. The Zappy thumbnail sizes offered automatically all I had was huge image which was neatly sized with respect for 3 dimension, small, medium and large
  2. ( what else can I expect from the product more)
  3. Oh Yeah the online Url which will let others to view the images well here is one that I experienced

Well I forgot to tell you one thing, I was able to Blog about a photo of mine right inside the Picasa desktop client.

Too good to be true. here is my only drawback on the blogging tool is not the ability to post on other blogging sites

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