Brand vs Local shop

A discussion which Mr. Baskran of Castrol BikeZone MSF Manager and I had last week.
You might have known about my death of Nokia N70 and the rebirth of Nokia N70 which I spoke in the other blog.

He had been to my office at Adventnet for a friendly chat on one afternoon and I told him that my Nokia N70 had a rebirth, I should thank the bright young fellow entrepreneur who primary business was on selling caller cards and the second one on servicing mobile Phones. In just 48 hrs my mobile Nokia N70 was in my hands and full functional. There was horrible difference when I had handed over my mobile to Nokia authorized service center at HCL Infinet. After looking in to the mobile they said that I either had to replace the mother board or replace a new mobile.

So here is the question

Why HCL infinet couldn’t fix my mobile where as the local shop keeper could fix my mobile in just 48hrs?

HCL Infinet – replace mother board or buy new mobile
Local Mobile service center – buys a “power IC” from Gagdet store at Burma Bazzar near Parrys corner.

HCL Infinet  150 INR for checking the mobile
HCL Infinet repair cost estimated – 11000 INR

Local mobile service center – 4000 INR (3500 INR for Power IC + Service charge 500 “out of sheer user experience and happiness”)

What I asked Mr. Baskaran.

me: Why do Big brands don’t look in to the small details and try to fix it up, so that the customer benefits?
Bakaran: It is because of product packaging. Chips or IC’s are not available for the Big brands separately. They are either sold as Unit package/ Components which will consist of IC’s or chips. It is because they need to pay tax to the government as unit packages, if they are going to pay tax for smaller components they may have to pay larger tax.

By this time I could figure out that maintenance is also easy in warehouse.

Baskaran: the same holds good in automobile Industry. The cost of the bike is cheap by adding additional taxes the cost of the bike is almost double.

So what do you feel, should you blame the government for increasing the tax or big players for not giving the benefit to the customers.

End of the day, If you are looking for better service it is big brands and if you have lot of money.
Small things can be fixed at our local shops and getting things promptly

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