Chapalusi Pasand Raja

I am not encouraging you to become one, But it is good to be surrounded by Chapalusi Pasand Rajas, During the 13+ years of experience in Information technology, to the current 4+ years of ride as a passionate photographer, People like to hear good things about them.

There is an emotional goodness feel, It is feeling of being high, cloud nine moment.

I have met lot of happy & successful people, all of them had people surrounded – who offered praise of others and other people praise about them.  Most importantly they where not surrounded by negative people.

ching_chaProp Courtesy: Avis & Vaani 🙂

Example: a Manager always has the best solution offering employees around him, people who raised questions are kept at bay.

There is nothing wrong being a Chapalusi Pasand Raja – What keeps you going is the happiness moment to achieve greater heights. Remember you have your choices whether to take things to your heart, choices are still there.

When I said happy & successful people, it doesn’t mean they are successful, for me I felt they are successful, more or less a relative term.  As for happiness, both of us would agree we were happy at the moment.

So who would care about the negative people – the answer is themselves, first is the acceptance that they is an issue, then reaching out for help and understand what correction that needs to be taken care.

Most happy and successful people never offer advise, the reason is simple, they did and they learnt the lesson the hard way. A person who needs help will reach out to the wise, if they needed advise. The wise and happy successful people offers opinion, end of the day the person is left with his own choices.

Surround with people

  1. who are highly productive
  2. who appreciates and do appreciate their good doings

above all, Mind your own business – have an aim. And least of all, don’t be surrounded by negative thoughts, things & people.

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