Sharing news articles make me happy…

recently you must have noticed, I started to share news articles from the Indian Express & DT Next newspaper. Wish I could buy more newspaper and spend time. May be I will.

Here are few reasons, This is not to justify anyone, it is also a note to myself, so that I continue to do this in a longer run.

  1. I don’t know, I go to sleep after I read few pages of a novel, I could spend long hours gazing at the stupid monitor, I want to get back to the reading habit. A physical paper or a book.
  2. There are few of friends who are great authors, unable to buy their work, because it is going to be there on the shelf and occupy lot of space, waiting for me to read. I want it to be useful and then give it away to someone who I feel deemed fit.
  3. I have lot of friends on Facebook, It doesn’t look good to go knock each messenger window or their  wall and keep saying “HI”, there should something where I can connect with them of their interest.
  4. Sharing is caring, We are all artists, looking at opportunities to collaborate in their respective field, trying to fit in like minded people and trying to acquire the missing skill set for a project. Wish my sharing helps them.
  5. The best of all, I like working for the underdogs, I can surely tell you they may not be the largest selling newspaper in Chennai and in terms of reach, for sure has the quality.

P.S: I am not here for stealing few minutes of your fame, and sharing your work makes me happy and I believe makes you Happy.




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