If it is summer, It has to be awesome beach view – Snehatheeram beach

The final beach view from my summer of 2017 was Snehatheeram beach, Ugly beach in terms of the water been contaminated with waste papers, soda plastic bottles and much crowded view. Reaching to this place is a good ride, the highway roads are broad.


Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/Kw2z342aCm52

If your family likes a beach with a park for your kids to hang around and while you enjoy the beach view, then Snehatheeram is the right beach for you.


Nuns aka (Sist) pun not intended, students who are in convent will understand the term “Sist” –  having ice creams to beat the heat, It is rather an unusual view of Sisters taking a day off to enjoy the nature and chilling their feet.


The photo above says CAUTION and it says SEA ROUGH – blame it on my camera for the panoramic view, those words got jumbled it to something else.


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