You can enjoy like these kids, Learn how to get there


Venue is Chavakkad beach, Kerala.

Slow motion video of kids having a gala time at the beach. See the water splashing and the kids action. Pure bliss.


The Chavakkad beach is above, Where the usual janatha arrives.

Google map:

If you really wanted to have fun and enjoy the beach as shown below


Kids having fun at the beach

Here are the directions to get to the light house and from here you could get to this beach

So you reached the Light house, keep looking on to the right as you drive for small private backyards of the fishermen homes, If you going with a family for an hour or so, no body minds as long as you don’t invite trouble.

Do remember you have stepped in to Kerala, the red flagged state and with lots of socially responsible vigilante watching you.

What is the good day to step in to this beach to enjoy that cool breeze and splashing waves which give you joy by watching them

It is a day before the full moon day + on the full moon day, of course + a day after. Most of us know that the tides are high on full moon day.

The speciality of this beach is that, rocks have been placed in order to stop the waves from breaching the shore, yes a man made hurdle, but the sight of waves splashing is a feast to our eyes.



A long exposure shot above, there are no waves – when the water was splashing with joy, my mind was with no thoughts just as the photo above.



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