I found an ultimate way to get the beach view from above

This holiday is something special to us, the reason is that we explored more places in Thrissur and guess what, we have been coming to Thrissur year after year, but never stepped out of our residence and just eating food and going to the sleep and taking rest. This time it was different,  it took me 15+ years to get out of our house, our comfort zone and both of us, meaning my better behalf and your truly.

I guess time, decided that it is time for us to explore

Both of us had the same mindset, we wanted to enjoy nature, calm ourselves, and one more reason was that Aditya, my elder son’s 10th CBSE results are out in coming weeks and there is gonna be little hectic schedule for us to handle, we wanted a fresh mindset to take care of the 11th admission. This time we had family time, we had awesome food, did sleep but we stepped out every morning and evening, the golden mean time to get the best pictures for ourselves.

My wife’s house is close to Chavakkad beach, but we never knew that there was a light house in that area.  As soon as you reach Chavakkad, you will see the usual beach as shown below, you will see the parking lot which leads to the beach.  This is where I found the light house, seen in the photo below. A little portion of the light house is seen.


So how do you get to the light house? Instead of getting to the parking lot, take a same road after 2-3 KMS you should see the light house on the left.

Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/9H4WdzgfBi72


After we where done with Chavakkad usual beach, we wanted to check out the light house, we landed there at 4:30PM, and you know how the government offices work, we were told to come by 5:30PM, so we headed to Azhimugham beach, details out here.

It took me two consecutive days, after perseveration by my kids we got the chance. The display board says from 4:00PM onwards and for an one hour visit, the charges are for adults 10 INR, 25 INR for foreigners and for camera they charge 20 INR, below is the rate card as on May 2017.


The second day we went there exactly by 5:30PM, we paid the money upfront, no receipt was provided to us.

A steep climb to the top, we had to take deep breath to climb the stairs, by the time we reached the top, our legs started to ache, and the sweat was all over the body. Yes it was summer and sultry, it was worth every step. The Drishyam was ultimate, the land was filled with green patch, hardly we could see houses, it was covered with coconut trees, what a breeze it was, so good that the sweat disappeared in minutes.



A different view from the top, took groups shots, selfies and much more.  I started to shoot videos of the waves with a 200MM lens and some of them where reverse waves, it was good to see those little things from above. It was a different view indeed.


If you take the road which is seen on the photo above, you could reach Azhimukham beach


The above photo has the beach view on the top right, which is the usual Chavakkad beach. The best part is the sunset, guess why

The sun sets on the beach in Kerala, So during the summer days the sun seems huge, In Chennai you can Sun rise on the beach. It happens in seconds, and a very rare sight of a large view of the sun.

I wanted to carry out few experiments or assignments

  1. time lapse of motor vehicles moving on the road from above
  2. The sunset as time lapse
  3. Shoot the waves with a 600MM and so on

I will have to find the right people in Chavakkad light house and get the permission and get the shoot done, there is time. Hopefully after reading this post, some one would offer me help.

Apart from Chavakkad main beach, you have little spots of the beach which are not crowded, it is backyard for few residences. Imagine a beach at your backyard, they are gifted at the same time entitled to take a huge risk from tsunami or cyclones. Hoping for good times for the fishermen out there.

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