Last minute guide, explained with photos for happy moments at the Azhimukham beach

Azhimukham is an unexplored beach, this place is unique, because it has a view of violent waves which is twice your own height splashing on the pathways during the full moon days and a view of backwaters which is serene for your family to enjoy on the shore. Details on how to reach the beach is listed below


As you see from the above panoramic view, left side is the view of backwaters and on the right you will experience the mighty waves trying to engulf you.


Sorry for the crop on the photo above, panorama exposure was decided by the camera.


So how to get to this beach, you remember from my last post “You can enjoy like these kids, Learn how to get there“, Take the same road and move away from the light house, travel down the lane for few Kilometers, on the right side there are enough private beaches which are backyards of the fishermen’s home. You will find a Mosque, wish it was little bit closer to the shore, if it was, the view of the Mosque would have be fabulous.

You will also find fishermen selling fresh fish on the sides of the road, some even walking on the sides of the road, while the fish clinching to a rope. I didn’t want to take photos, as I had more women accompanying me and I didn’t want to take chances with the locals out there.

You will reach a point where the road lead to two ways, the left takes you to the Azhimugham port where the sophisticated fishermen use motor boats to capture large fishes from the deep seas. This is a wholesale market, transportation happens and you will also find Union flags. There is nothing much to see, except the business happening and few men smoking beedis.

Take the road which leads to the right and after few bends you will reach the Azhimukham beach, park your car and once you start walking on the pathway, be careful of the waves as they are mighty high, your cameras can get drenched.

Google map:



You will possibly see short stories or pre or post wedding photography/ videography done here as seen in the below photo.


The above photo is a view of backwaters, I did visit this place twice, on a full moon day and a day after the full moon, the waves didn’t breach the shore on the day after the full moon day. The waves reached the shore once in a blue moon, be warned that the right time to enjoy the beach is during a full moon day, not sure how it would be during the monsoon season, The monsoon season has started in Kerala and do carry your umbrellas and be at times be ready to get drenched.


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