Night Photography, Aadi velli celebrations

We all love Aadi velli.  But some time takes a toll on the traffic, because of this celebrations the roads were blocked the traffic was diverted, was wondering did God ever wanted it this way.
By the way how come Chennai Government give permission or do they ever need permission to block the road.

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FaceBook killer – Bravo Google Friend Connect

Seems like Google wants to embrace the non social networking sites to be part of social networking sites.

If you thought Myspace, Ning and Facebook made a killing, Please welcome the new Kid on the Block – Google Friend Connect. Do check the introduction video for more elaborate answers.

I see a lot of traffic to be increased to the personal or corporate websites too. All you need to do is sign up then embed few piece of code in to your website and let your friends and customers do the talking (bring the traffic back to you)

How does the traffic happen?
When ever a visitor visits a site and interact, their interactions are being reflected as updates in to the social networking sites which they belong. The updates are not mandatory, if wished, the interactions are reflected.

Corporate sites could integrate friend connect to have more authentic users

Personal websites could bring all friends buzzing among themselves and create new friends too

Bravo Google
An approach to fight spam is unleashed.

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