Due Credits

Being a photographer I feel like a sucker at most times, when my friends to friend of friends download my photo and upload to their profile on Facebook and don’t pass on the due credits.

It just happens all the time for a photographer alone. I have fought with a close friend right on Facebook and indeed lost Β the entire confidence of his family. I lost him.

But the worst thing is that other professionals are not vulnerable to this kind of attack.

Why me?



5 thoughts on “Due Credits

  1. Water-marking or using a signature on your pictures would help? I’m just wondering. Come on, don’t call yourself a sucker πŸ™‚

    Take care.

    Susan Deborah

  2. i could understand your plight!!i myself dint know about giving credits to google images!!i have just started giving credits to google!!then i started using less photos to keep my post as original as possible.

  3. As Susan said water-mark – not everyone will be good enough to offer credits! As the old song goes it is a self-preservation society and one has to fight for what is rightfully ours :)!

    If I use any of your pics – I will take your prior permission captain πŸ™‚


  4. Don’t feel bad,please.May be you can try making a logo of your own and then use it as a water mark.Something creative with the letters VV.
    But I have always taken permission or given due credits whenever I use something not of my own.

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