check out the new facebook layout

I have been wondering why the url had subdomain called “new” and it turned out that Facebook is trying out a new layout.

A nice way to gain acceptance from users to try out old layout to new layout. If people still stick on the old design the designers at facebook know that their design sucks

Guys your new design is kewl, I am sure more users will adopt to the new design. All the best.
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2 thoughts on “check out the new facebook layout

  1. I have to admit, at first i was quite resistant to this ‘new’ facebook.
    But it looks good. I like the profile section, it’s better organised and easier to navigate. I am not sure about the ‘Home’ page with the list of status updates. But i guess what else could it show there? Maybe a more of a homepage feel with updates from your ‘groups’ and friends and layed out in a nicer way? As currently it’s just one big list.

    Also, did i see more Ad space? 😉

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