Banks in India do operate through 3rd party.

In India privacy doesn’t matter much, at least for the common man. And We Indians don’t make much use of all the facilities that the Banks offer.

Things I learned:
I did have a bank account with ABN Amro for 2 years till 2004 and the minimum balance was 10,000 INR, which of course I didn’t have, so the interest started to eat in to the balance money which I had in my ABN account.

Lesson 1: If you can’t maintain a minimum balance please close your account. Then don’t blame the bank.

The interesting part comes here check this image below, click on the image for a  larger view

I had closed the account in 2004 and still been getting the updates in my email account from the bank. So that means they don’t have a system which notifies that this account is closed.

Lesson 2: If you don’t want to receive spam mails kindly update your details with the bank

When talking about updating  here is one more interesting image down below, click for a larger version

The login didn’t happen at ICICI and the check the regret message dated Aug 14th 2002. Abandon pages still exist on the server. check this link
you should still be seeing this link.

BTW Citibank is no exception. They keep sending SMS and calling me up to let me know that they would be interested in increasing the credit limit increase to higher amount, Which I am not interested and had told over the phone to update their system that I am not interested in that offer.
Click on the image below for a larger view

Lesson 3: Never submit online forms with your personal details unless you are quiet sure that your private data remains private

I do remember the advertisements on banks offering loans use to exist on some 3rd party sites. When clicked on the link it would take to a banner landing page. How many of you checked for the privacy of your data, i.e on which server does that page exist. Assuming if you clicked on X bank banner did you land on X bank website.

And we continue to scream at our Mobile service provider that the DND system is not put in to use.

How many of us use Bank by Phone for the following?

  1. Deposit money
  2. Withdraw money
  3. Demand Draft / Pay Order
  4. checkbook request

And we continue to say that we had a long wait at the bank.

Lesson 4: Use Phone by Bank or Internet access to finish your work. For 50 RS + taxes will be much lesser than your precious productive time at work and less on your fuel expenses.

OK, I accept that there are quiet a few banks which don’t offer the above, but will have to change in due course of time.

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