Is your Mahindra Renault Logan in safe hands – After sales, What service- Review

Mahindra Renault Logan

After buying the brand new Mahindra Logan 1.4 GLX, How do you expect your car to be delivered on the delivery date?
Brand new. Well I didn’t.

This is how I received my car.
With stains all over in patches here and there.
Logan stains

Logan stains

Gear box covered

The wrapper was intentionally made in order to cover the stain in the gear box, Damn thing was sticky after I removed the wrapper.

Gear box dirty

When other customers receive the Mahindra Logan as brand new, Why choose me to have a stained one.

Well now to the RC book, I had to call up after 3 weeks and I receive them like this.
RC book small

Click on the image for a larger version.
Mahindra Renault Logan Floor mat
Mahindra Renault Logan under Floor mat stain
Mahindra Renault Logan under Floor mat stain
Above are the floor mat and the stain under the floor mat.
Well What is the mistake on the above RC book. Did you find my 1.4 GLX and it is mentioned diesel version. How come the petrol version be diesel.

I am yet to receive my RC book, let me see. whether I have to call or will I ever receive it corrected.

Here is one more customer experience:

A friend of mine had bought the Mahindra Logan 1.6 GLS petrol version. Here is the problem which he faced on the second day ( he was able to notice the problem the next day after filling the petrol tank full on the day of the purchase).
Mahindra Logan 1.6 Petrol cable punctured

Mahindra Logan 1.6 Petrol cable punctured
Mahindra Logan 1.6 Petrol cable punctured
Above Mahindra Logan 1.6 Petrol cable punctured. Click on the image for a detailed view.

What was answer from the Service professional for the above?
“Sir, it is rat bite, You will need to replace the cable, that would cost you”, At last after few talks with the sales guy the cost of the cable is supposed to be adjusted during the first service (reimbursement).

What happened to the pre delivery Inspection?

So how do you trust Mahindra Logan Service center dealers. It is almost 2000 KM, it is time for my 1st service. I am worried on the service looking upon the quality of response from Mahindra dealers.

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14 thoughts on “Is your Mahindra Renault Logan in safe hands – After sales, What service- Review

  1. I am also faced very bad experience in service of my Logan high end model in Diesel. Service done at GMS automobiles. The complaint was heavy smoking and less pickup speed. Still it exists the problem with my car……….. I am in fix………………

  2. ther is a complaint found in my new car… its dicky is not workin properly.. i mean the inside switch is not working properly… nd also the wiper balde found damaged.. so plese find a solution for this as fast as possible

  3. My 1.5 dls power steering has failed… It seems the pump is not up to the mark… and they are not replacing it with the warranty??

  4. Service is Horrible at India Garage…chennai….. They keep looking for ways to cheat you…. and if U are a non technical person they just browbeat you with a lot of techie junk and make you pay through your nose?? Be careful when U decide to buy a LOGAN!!

  5. I am from Romania. We (romanians) aren’t very pleased with the delivery and service inspections at Dacia, but after seeing your pictures and your problems (wich we don’t have)… I can say we should be more than happy with our Dacia-Renault dealers/services.

  6. I had a very bad experience with Sireesh auto (bangalore)

    – vehicle breaks were much good before service, i don’t know whether they were tested after break pad change

    – stand-by tyre was punctured before service, i asked them to patch it
    but, i got the car without it, i asked him , he told all tyres are fine, puncture was’t at all there, and hence i took the vehicle, after driving few minutes .. front tyre was without air, i suspected when speed break touched chases but, as service adviser told me that the tyres are fine i continued driving after driving back home about 30 km at home i see the flat tyre.

    i request everyone never believe any service adviser, get it tested everything before you leave from service station

    now, with two tyres punctured i cannot move my vehicle, within 1 hours of getting it from service station

    all problems such as tight staring, hard gear, new break pad (but breaking was better before I gave it to service) for this I paid Rs. 6.2K, and all these problems still exists in my vehicle

    people very careful in sireesh auto, lack of expertise with advisers, everything told to vehicle owners are based on assumption

  7. Koncept Automobile, Delhi – is the worst in the industry –

    here is the list of some of there good service –

    – Salesperson promised me a car delivery on my son’s birthday, before we make a deal.. and after i paid him the booking amount of 1 L, ther statment changed might be delayed by a day or two..

    – You must try and negotiate them – I was told 20% off on insurance by them, but another offer in my hand i was able to take 30% off on insurance

    – i didnt want to cancel the deal (as i want car on my son’s bthday) ..after much negotations on various things, . I took the delivery next day of brthday, but insurance they charged to be was 2k extra over that insurance comp charged…

    – they Dont have self registration – this was hidden and was told that is there and will get the option of no from 10-15 as they are opened. but got a call last day of expiry of my no – that here is your no.

    – now here comes the insurance paper from comp, on which bank name was mandate.. that was missing..called them again.. heard from them that it will be updated in 2 days, but it took 2 weeks after talking to the high authority over ther

    – Now fight comes to collect an RC from them. they had the RC from last 15 days and I keep them calling, but always heard that we are waiting to.

    – then the salesman gentleman dare to call me, that i have filled in survey on your behalf for giving 10/10, and you will get a call to confirm the same.. please corporate..

    Amazing and stunning salesman who was 55 and autoworks….

    just shut it down – you dont deserve to be auto dealer…

  8. i am from colombia,here,the logan is made by sofasa,the renault factory in colombia.i bougth a logan in decenber 2008 and the quality is excelent.the design of the fender is from colombia,that is different to the dacia´s fender.i consider that the assembly factory of india is not assembling the car with quality because they think that doesn´t matter because of the price is low,the quality too.

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