End of the day – was a Life saved?

It is a story of my childhood friend who rocked the corporate world during his peak. Names of the characters have been changed to keep the privacy.

My friend Sabari had been in to automobile car sales industry with an amazing experience and had an opportunity to work for a well known reputed bank to generate car loans, he worked so hard that he would come home at 1 or 2 AM in the morning at home. He met customers at odd hours as they where busy with their own work. He gained the relavant experience and was making huge profits for the bank, the bank recognized his contribution.

Sabari was entering his office as usual, there was loud applause from his peers and super bosses. “Congrats Sabari” “, ” All the best on your post”. There where prying eyes, He was thinking what happened?

His Boss handed over him a letter – He was the new VP of this bank leading the entire South India, That was one of his cloud nine moment.

Days passed by, his team was generating the sales required, his presence was hardly needed, unless it was huge quote which mentioned in Crores of rupees as loan for his clients.

The best part of his career was that he treated his work as his business, it didn’t require his presence. Things where in place. He was the soul of his team and was proud that he fought for his team mates for their appraisals. He was the super hero for most of them, well almost GOD Father for many.


At this time, Sabari was so high, that he was thinking What could go wrong? we are super heroes. Does this line sound familiar.

That is when his father fell sick, he was admitted to hospital, his presence was needed.  It was a weird health problem that the drugs had to be imported in to the country, the drugs where costly. His medi claim did cover part of the expense, but was not sufficient enough.

You must heard when tough times comes all problems come one after the other

  1. It just happened that he lost his job during this absence in his office, Office politics. Well I am not getting in to that, it does make any sense to discuss and go off topic. In short – Prying eyes where waiting for an opportunity for his absence at office.
  2. He went and asked his friends who vowed him money, he was a savior for many during their tough times. Some of even made statements – “Lakshmi ye kasu illae nu sonna epadi”  – meaning  ” What if the Lord of money said there was no money?”

When the going get tough, the tough gets going.

What saved his father was his personal savings and his own mediclaim policy. His savings was in Mutual funds – SIP, personal Mediclaim apart from Company Mediclaim.

Hope many of you are aware the moment you are out of the company, the company mediclaim policy becomes void. It is best to have a personal mediclaim to take care of your family.

Remember all mediclaim companies have clauses which don’t settle all your bills, take little care of your investments so that during the rainy days it comes handy.

Well I am not the best in parting advice on investments, I can ask my friend who can help plan your investments. Interested let me know.

On a contrary note: Online mediclaim and policies are cheap when compared to people who came and sell the products, you don’t have to break your head calling up toll free numbers. Just call up your friend who sold you the policy, Remember I said friend. Make him your friend.

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