Lend and earn through Lendbee


Lendbee is a closed contact network which allows you to share eBooks, Books, Old Magazines, Old Movie CD/ DVD, educational CD/DVD, Old Games CD/DVD and much more.

Whom does it cater too?
Office: Close pals in an office network of like minded people who buy managerial/ management books or Technical, fiction, spiritual or self discipline based books can lend their books. Apart from that people who love movies can lend them to their friends. The best part is no ones knows what movies, books and audio programs you share other than your closed group members. Once you register, you can create as many groups, one could play a role of cynical playboy with girlfriends to totally spiritual types with respect to family.
The best way to save money: each one buys one book or magazine or movies of their choice and share among them selves.
College: For students money and room space could be a major problem. Here are some nice tips to earn money and saving your room from getting messy.
Being students you should be having lots of books while you did your 1st,2nd or 3rd year, Currently bundled and kept under your bed. Here is how to getting things done.
Register now, create a group which remains private, choose your trusted junior girl friends to be part of your closed group to lend your college books/CD/DVD or audio programs, While you lend, you could make little money if you ever needed. Well lendbee never knows in what terms you lend your books, because every thing is offline.
School: Being a school student comics, novels have remained favorites rather than those boring text books. Here is how you can make the most of it.
Most parents subscribe to comics like Tinkle, Magic Pot, Tell me why and Amar chitra Katha collections Why not each parent subscribe to one of them and be shared among friends, Exchanging books is simple, children meet at school So ask your parents to register here and make the most of it.
Friends in a locality or town or city: Are you part of Photography community or Music or Dance group in your locality. The best part is gaining more knowledge is by self realization, reading books or watching dance performance could improve your skills. You could make your own style.
A cool feature is on its way at lendbee, Imagine if you are a designer and in need of black book (Best Award winning Advertisements to logos and inspirational works). You search for that items across groups if found, you could communicate with the person who owns the book through lendbeeboth the lender and borrower email id’s are not revealed to either parties. Being a lender your identity is never revealed, but the borrower identity is revealed to the person who owns the book. So that he can decide whether or not to lend.
So don’t wait register now. Create as many closed groups and experience the power of lending/sharing. By the way, who knows you could make more girl friends, gain more knowledge and save more money.

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