Bloggers, own your domain


  1. It happened that a post on a facebook CBC group that A blog has plagiarized our member blog post.
  2. Apart from that, I learned from and CBCian “Sylvian” that Google can also own your content and if needed they could use them for their own purpose if needed, that is what policy says.
  3. For what you write, blogger or wordpress or any subdomain owners contribution improves ranking for the domain i.e or etc

Here is what I learned, once I moved to my domain. What ever I write or the media belongs to me, all rights reserved.

Who should move to their own domain?

If you are casual blogger, occasional post and probably feel you would not make a dent in the universe, then it is a big no.
People who are trying to creating their own branding in any genre, name it fashion, photography, tech blogger etc, should plan to move.

How can you avoid plagiarism?

If you use wordpress CMS, there is a plugin available “Yoast WordPress SEO” under RSS feeds you could customize your URL, so what happens, if bots copy your content, still it points to your own domain and not his. I am sure, your design company could also write a custom plugin to solve this problem.

RSS feed

Click on the image to have a larger view.

So who is the content owner now?

It is you

What about your ranking for your work?

If you can write for a subdomain owner, why not for you and create own branding image.

2 thoughts on “Bloggers, own your domain

  1. I don’t think Blogger or can ‘own’ our content, even if it is hosted with them. They may have more rights than self-hosted content (they can put their own ads along with our content, etc.) and we can’t question them if they close their service after giving a short notice. But these services allow us to export our blogs to some other service, anyway.

    For $10 (per year), one can buy a domain name with Blogger or spend $120 (per year) on self-hosted WP blogs anywhere else. Will that enable one to have an upper hand over plagiarism? I don’t think so.

    People who want to copy, will copy it anyway. But the real issue here is: They are risking losing their page rank, when they copy blatantly from other sites. Hence, the number of hits they receive from search engines will have a negative impact, once they are classified as a site hosting duplicate content. Search engines are getting smarter and cleverer every day. They will easily identify duplicate content. Secondly, these copiers also stand to lose their credibility with real people coming to their sites.

    Hence, instead of worrying about each case of plagiarism, I suggest that bloggers ignore the trolls and focus on creating quality content in their sites. With hits from search engines being their main aim, how long will such people keep copying without incurring a penalty from search engines?

    Destination Infinity

    1. plagiarism – I still think on hosted model you can contain to great extent, the reason is that people who copy content don’t physically copy content from the site, It is a bot, just like a search engine which feeds on specified topics and copies the content.

      So if your post has those RSS feed header pointing to you. It will be of great help. P.S: check the photo of the plugin.

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