mGinger Signup – not a fair deal

Here is a question to the mGinger team.
Should the mGinger site have the signup removed. Why?
Because the site members should grow only through referrals, Just like how Gmail did initally Signup happened through referrals and the site didn’t have a signup button.

What happens if they have a signup.
The existing members who have already signed up will loose new signup’s and the network remains ungrown more or less few referrals, where as the mGinger team makes more profit because the networked members are less for the member so payout is less.

I had signedup and till date they haven’t sent me a single sms. What a shame to float a business like this.

People who wish to Signup can click on this  signup link.

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17 thoughts on “mGinger Signup – not a fair deal

  1. Hi

    The company is still going thru its pre-launch phase. Its not possible to instantly send out 100 different ads across the country all of a sudden, as advertisers are still in talks and mginger is busy marketing itself across the country.

    So hang on! Help spread the word. If you know any businessmen, let them know of this new medium of “instant” marketing.

    It’s going to be big in the coming years, no doubt. Just give them a months time.

    – Vishal

  2. Hi Vishal:
    I mean no personal offenses to you or to your brain child “mGinger”. It sounds good but there is also a problem which I foresee. Looking at the business model doesn’t seemed to play a fair game.
    Assuming that mGinger will be able to serve advertisement to every registered customer, but at what time and what is the waiting period. Your site currently says the highest earning by a member is Rs 25.90 and the total user earning of RS 11584 as on date May 24 2007 at 6:30 PM. The highest earning member value could have been really high, if it just came through referrals and not through website signup.

    People would have become more excited if they see large numbers. If you remember the Gmail Signup program, it just started to create a bigger buzz and people approaching their friends just to get a mail account. And your could have created more buzz as it involves money.
    The word spam could have been completely vanished in the case of mGinger as the signup happens through referrals. You have already have method to grow their network as you have done in your dashboard of a user login. Currently there are chances that these mails go to spam folders
    Just think on this and I guess it will make lot of sense.
    You now have lot of registered customers, Now it can happen through referrals alone, Every registered users can exploit 10 new members, well this is what Google Gmail did (All it takes is to stand on shoulders of these giants i.e taking inspiration from the big guys, they would have spend enough time and money on it for the idea) , after some time they allowed some more new member invites to the registered users
    What say
    Think Again

  3. Hi Vishal,

    Even I feel he is correct, Why don’t you remove the sign up option from your home page?
    Please make it a “by invitaion only” site, so that members can more money and if it happens, there would be a mad rush to get invitaions.
    You have reached a membership of 3,00,000 already, so I guess you are perfectly poised to start this model.

  4. Mginger has removed ads from their page and now they are trying to prove that they really ar e what we think of them

  5. Hey dude,you are publishing adsense ads on wordpress ..?Are you paying them $ 300 per month or hosted by someone else..?

  6. hi till now i dint get a single add from ur site and my balance also showing me 0.00 only. so wat can i do now to earn the profit. please answer me to my mail

  7. mGinger has simply copied the idea straight from what had happened way back in 2002 in Australia AND what a company called MindMatics (via doing in the UK currently. It is disgusting for these guys to claim this in the press as their original idea!! It is disgusting how they have even lifted the “Terms and conditions” from their website and the “privacy policy” too!! the least they could have done is to atleast bothered to change that a little bit!! The Mginger design – down to the background image is a copy of frinedster!! Not just that – the Darned copy on the Advertise with us page is also the same!! Shame on you guys!! Mr. CEO – your COO has conned you by claiming this as his own idea …and you have gone to press with it stating this and boasting about this!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha !! Good luck to you!

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  9. hi .this is ashish bhat.last weak i login into mginger and gave my cell no and joined it……..but still i have not received any ad. my no is 9999931805

  10. hi till now i dint get a single add from ur site and my balance also showing me 0.00 only. so wat can i do now to earn the profit. please answer me to my mail

  11. i found a new website a competiton of mginger and its payout is also low just 100 rs and u recieve ur cheque. try it rite now highalertz

  12. I joined mGinger about 11 months ago, and guess what: I have so far earned a grand total of Rs. 3.80. What’s more, they won’t pay me till I earn at least Rs. 300. I suppose my great-granchildren would benefit from this mGinger.

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