Not any more… Hotel Saravana Bhavan

Me and my family where going to the Thailand exhibition yesterday and it was noon, It was the first visit to Chennai trade center and had doubts on whereabouts of eat out places, so we wanted to have a light lunch as we had late break fast


We had a choice of going to Hotel Rathna, just then my wife said she wants to head for Hotel Saravana Bhavan just opposite the road, she was a huge fan of this Hotel, that was just about to change.

So we looked at menu and ordered for 2 sambar rice and a curd rice for my son.  The guy suggested I go for a full fledged meal. I said, I want only the things which I ordered, after few minutes he returned and said that the curd rice would take time. I was thinking, all full fledged meal had curd rice as part of menu. So how come they will supply Curd rice for those customers alone. Any way I was in no mood for argument, I asked him to get me a plain dosa. Look at what I received for sambar rice, I felt like they are feeding the dogs. The plates where already worn out. We couldn’t tolerate any more. Look at the heavy pricing and the little quantity, It turns out like that they are avoiding customers who can’t  make a minimum billing of 150+ per per customer. They know that they have enough customers why not charge them more, and the attitude of the staff was like if you wish, eat this piece of crab and this is how we offer things to customers.

This day we have decided no more to Hotel Saravana bhavan. I know there a zillions of Hotel Saravana Bhavan fans. Still wanted to say there are enough places which give you good vegetarian food with ambiance and be less pricey.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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