BEYBLADE – amazing addiction among Kids

Beleive it or not, when I was young I love to play with the Top, Just like the beyblade, But that top was just INR 1 (Indian rupee) or so at that time, but the pricing of Beyblade is INR 299. I am not complaining about the pricing because of the user-Experience. My son had a local version of the Beyblade which was INR 35. It worked the same way as the Original BeyBlade.

Now What was I talking about

The Whole 1 hour was real fun for both of Us (my Wife and myself) Whether he became a winner or not, we were the real winners for the price of INR 299.


Today morning as he woke up the first thing he asked me was, Shall we go to the competition today. I asked him Why, you had been just there yesterday.
Junior say "I need to Win" Huh….


Inspite of all of these I just forgot to mention a bitter experience which I experienced yesterday. There were exactly 90 entries allowed for a day I guess, I saw a kid aged 8-10 with his dad came to the mall. By the time, the competition had timeout to take any more entries. I felt bad, I felt WESTSIDE and FUNSKOOL guys should have made a point that they were later and inspite being late they still entertain them. That would have been a better experience I guess, and BTW he will not have lost that customer for a life time. Because most of US know What Junior LOVES and Enjoys makes you happy.


8 thoughts on “BEYBLADE – amazing addiction among Kids

  1. My little brother is ADDICTED to these. Asks everyone that comes over and everyone he knows to play, and I do sometimes, and it is fun. They break from such frequent use, though.
    But most of his friends don’t play; they do Yugioh… which is sad.
    Also, I think the fad is way over in the country of origin, Japan. They moved on years ago.
    Just stopped in while searching for something, figured I’d say ‘hi’ from someone that noticed the phenomenon of Beyblade too!

  2. i luv beyblade, but most beyblades all over kerala r fake, breaks down quickly. So please only buy orginal beys.

  3. I just love them.from my childhod onwrds i used to play with others.i had an magnifisciant bey ,the black dranzer and i beat all in our area.they are also a good way for timepass.

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