Lego Toys

Mathematical Lego Sculptures

I had talked about lego in my company blog the one I am going to talk about is “Mathematical Lego Sculptures” Andrew Lipson has done few logo of different companies using lego structures. You can even find more links from his site to the Gurus of LEGO, If you a LEGO fan don’t miss this site.

Mathematical Lego Sculptures

More resource on LEGO can be found here at pogotv fan club

Update: A new post on LEGO can be found here


12 thoughts on “Lego Toys

  1. Awesome designs! They look kinda complicated to make :3 I wish I had the time and patience to creat something like this! ^-^

  2. WOW!!!! Those are some really kool things that you make with just little lego squares. Well and rectangles but thats not my point I am just saying that is really kool!!!You should make one that is like, really complicated and if you stare at it long enough then you will eventually see what it is supposed to be. But other people will see something different! That would be great.

  3. LEGO Technics are fun to play with and allow the construction of interesting structures, but they are not always easy to use. In fact, it is often quite challenging to build a LEGO device that does not fall apart at the slightest provocation. A well-designed LEGO device should be reliable, compact, and sturdy. If it makes extensive use of gears, the geartrain should be able to rotate cleanly and easily. If it is a structural element, it should hold together squarely and resist falling apart. This chapter discusses some ideas for creating a well-designed LEGO structure, as well as some properties of the LEGO Technic system that may not be obvious at first glance. Keep in mind that sometimes the best way to discover LEGO is to explore, focus on the brick, and try new things.

  4. The red one reminds me of something from “A Clockwork Orange”. One of the modern sculptures in the house where they terrorized the woman in orange.

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