Angel Fashion Jewellers

I had been to Thrissur – Kerala, India (Gods Own Country) my native town, while I was travelling in Bus I happened to see a banner hoarding of this Jewellery, When you this image from a distance it is not that great neigther not amusing. Let me capture the exact scene on how I saw the hoarding. 

I was on left side Aisle and looking at the amazing greenery of my native place, the bus took a sharp turn and all I could see is this girl with this expression "State of Shock" it got captured in my mind. Nicely done ad, but not sure whether it was to captivate the minds of viewers when travelling on the bus. 

Angel - Click on the image to view a larger version

Wheel – Usability

ipod wheel
Every one knows Ipod’s success, the reason for its success is the usability of the product’s navigation. Inspite of the various options this object needs to perform, Apple people have made the best use of the wheel as navigation.

Very recently I have been working on a flash graph, where the space was constraint, all I had to do is look at the behaviour of the Ipod navigation menu, and I came with a small jogger/draggable control much like the slider but this own had negative and postive numerical values for it calculation.


When the user clicks and drags to the left it took negative values and moved to the right it gave positive values, when the leaves the slider the value would reset to Zero.

Hey I know, what is on your mind, “I have seen these controls before”. but for many of us, this one didn’t light up our brains. The idea what I am trying to say is look for things around you, you will get some cool ideas.

XPath – the easiest way to parse, query an XML

Xfactor Studio
If you are using flash MX 2004 / Flash 8 and probably using XML in your project, please do try this website
I must thank the people who have made the source code as open source. And the best part is you have 2 flavours to choose, AS1 and AS2 implementation of XPath as downloads.

If you are lost or worried about the syntax/regular expression I suggest these sites, They are really good with sounding examples.

  1. Site –
  2. Site –

BTW, the implementation doesn't stop with Flash, you can also use with your dynamic html pages too..
the latest implementation of xpath is right here And if you wanted a sample of the XML javascript implementation example you can find one here 

Caged Lions – Party Time


It is Party time folks, Well this post is in continuation with Caged Lions Manifesto by Alex D Paul.

Well My Wife and Kid have left to native place for a week and so is the incarnation of my Bachelor hood, It is party time guys, Weekends are gonna be real slow. I miss my Kid and My dear wife. 

Image Courtesy : Flick – Looking Glass