Angel Fashion Jewellers

I had been to Thrissur – Kerala, India (Gods Own Country) my native town, while I was travelling in Bus I happened to see a banner hoarding of this Jewellery, When you this image from a distance it is not that great neigther not amusing. Let me capture the exact scene on how I saw… Continue reading Angel Fashion Jewellers

Wheel – Usability

Every one knows Ipod’s success, the reason for its success is the usability of the product’s navigation. Inspite of the various options this object needs to perform, Apple people have made the best use of the wheel as navigation. Very recently I have been working on a flash graph, where the space was constraint, all… Continue reading Wheel – Usability

XPath – the easiest way to parse, query an XML

If you are using flash MX 2004 / Flash 8 and probably using XML in your project, please do try this website I must thank the people who have made the source code as open source. And the best part is you have 2 flavours to choose, AS1 and AS2 implementation of XPath as downloads.… Continue reading XPath – the easiest way to parse, query an XML