What would 4 KG of old books fetch?

You must be thinking what kind of post is this with this type of title.

My son was gaga over a week about the thing that school is offering notebooks for the weight of old books, Initially I ignored, then thought,  they are giving it to some school children who can’t afford to buy books.

For 4 KGS of old books, my son was offered a Classmate 180 pages note and a nice Classmate pencil.

It is an awesome marketing effort by  ITC “Classmate books” to enter each house of Chinmaya Annagar School students.

I still wonder, how Schools allow these kinds of activity. Earlier they resorted to buy books, by sharing pamphlets, at times forced us to buy the same book as we had two children studying in the same school.  Phew, fed up with these activities.  What are they trying to set in to these innocent young minds?

classtmate marketing @Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar
classtmate marketing @Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar

2 thoughts on “What would 4 KG of old books fetch?

  1. It depends on how much value you have for those 4kg of old books. If you think they are worthless enough that they can be replaced by a 180 page notebook and a pencil, then by all means, go for it. But, really, I would think twice or thrice before I bite it. May be if it’s a deep subject book like Windows Server guide of a 15 year old operating system, I can give it away, but any general subject book or a fiction, or a non-fiction book, I would hesitate… What do you think ?

    1. Most of which were old note books and text book from earlier classes. But the point is why do these young kids have to carry them back to school, make a gaga to parents etc.

      On top it is plain marketing by big brands, and I still wonder what is the benefit to school or any one ….

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