mGinger Captcha Challenge, UserExperience

mginger captcha challenge
mginger captcha challenge

After a long time, I finally login to mGinger to find any thing interesting happening and wanted to know how much I had earned so far.

There was an interesting promo to refer a friend, I did fell for the marketing stunt, so I choose the option as Orkut, because most friends at orkut don’t mind getting spams and they are not that serious types if I had sent them an advertising promo the chances are high that they would visit the link.

Now the challenge part, Orkut has captcha installed to reduce spam, and mGinger wants its users to spam Orkut, Imagine If I selected 60 contacts to send an invite, I would have to fill all the 60 captcha correctly inorder to send the invite.

OMG – mGinger could have warned me about the captcha when I was selecting the orkut friends for referrals

There are actually 2 options available for mGinger to keep the users from frustration or to provide better user experience.

  • Option 1: quietly remove the orkut referral program
  • Option 2: Beat the orkut captcha to give a better user experience

so how many of them actually made pocket money for every month is still a question with mGinger?

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