Once there was… in Chennai

222149_6116671575_1989_n 222309_6116666575_6287_n 222789_6116656575_1789_n 224174_6116736575_3105_n 224309_6116776575_6737_n 224319_6116676575_598_n 224339_6116796575_8563_n 224614_6116626575_890_n 225434_6116751575_7562_n 225774_6116731575_6443_n 226304_6116756575_959_n 226419_6116616575_102_n-1 226449_6116746575_8_n 226499_6117076575_8376_n 229074_6116701575_941_n 230229_6117086575_9300_n 230484_6116641575_5743_n


Once this was Chennai with full of advertisements all over, These photos are dated to September 2007.  Any where you turn around, half of the bricks where covered with Hoarding, So large building lost its ventilation.


It was a great pass time for people who travel by bus and being co-passengers in a vehicle. At the same time a huge distraction for the riders. I remember when my co-passengers would point at an advertisement and make huge statement, at times you could hardly notice. 😥


The point is advertisement hoarding are back, limited, so far so good. Hope the Government has control on the advertising hoarding in Chennai.



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