Possession of Thirunangai

Have you ever wondered what would be the plight of a good looking girl or a women.

What if her mobile number was known to everyone in this world?  Phew, I am already sweating, thinking of what is happening for the past few weeks.

Recently had bought a yuphoria phone, and I got a new number from Airtel.

The day my number got activated. There was a strange ringing of phone which happened to be at 12am. Before I could pick the call got dropped and I had put my phone in silent mode.

The next day morning to my surprise, I had a large list of missed calls on mobile. I ignored them all, since I had not given my number to anyone. So knew for sure it was for someone else.

The same started repeating and that too late in the night. I got pissed off.

Later when I took help from truecaller I realised that the number was of a girl.
WhatsApp messages started to flow in.

I became so curious that I wanted to who was that so popular.

Yesterday was her Bday, wishes started to come in as sms messages from Facebook some from whatsapp.

One guy even sent a photo of the girl who had this number earlier with complete details.

Now I know why she had surrendered this number.

What was the lesson I learnt?
Before I get a new number, please check the number on trucaller 😉

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