Castrol BikeZone – Not your usual Service Center

Castrol Bike Zone

If you are here to find the address of Castrol BikeZone service centers here is the website address

I had problems with the castrol bikeZone service which has been sorted out, and I am happy about their service which they have done to be currently. I would like to appreciate Mr. Baskaran for all his efforts. If you have any problem in your service you can contact Mr. Baskaran. He will be glad to sort out the problems and he will do the best he can. And I guess, My approach which I have taken is not the right method to get the problem solved. So I request everyone who felt the service which castrol bikezone offered was not up to your satisfaction please contact Mr.Baskaran

Mr. Baskaran
Castrol BikeZone MSF Manager

Mobile: 9884400621, email:

This was the post which was available earlier stated below.

This is the 3rd visit to Castrol BikeZone, One thing which I quickly noticed was deterioration of quality of service
Things which made me upset
I remember the 1st time when I stepped in to Castrol bikezone, every minor detail was taken care

  1. Like calling up to replace old parts
  2. Stating the vehicle was ready to pick and what was the payable amount

More or less a before and after marriage relationship feeling

There could 2 reasons why there was a deterioration

  1. There where very few customers so they where able to look in to every minor detail
  2. They believed in building more customers and not increase on customer representatives who can handle customer issues

I opted for Silver service which is 199 INR but payed by the “Gold” premium service Which cost Just INR 299 and the total cost of INR 1077 for all the stated jobs for my vehicle jobsheet
I had to return the third time to the service center to fix up my vehicle, certain detail on the jobsheet was not fixed.Certainly not a productive method

Who needs to take the blame.

As a Customer I felt and even communicated to the representative that a street prop shop would do a better job than them. they don’t charge a premium service
like the bronze – 99 INR
silver – 199 INR
Gold – 299 INR
MY verdict: No to bike zone- they are your worst expected service center

Why don’t they ask a question or a simple justification to themselves before giving out a service or product
If they were the customer, would they pay the amount, for the quality of service they provide.

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12 thoughts on “Castrol BikeZone – Not your usual Service Center

  1. Dear Mr Vinod,
    I am P. Baskaran, BikeZone MSF Manager for Chennai. I am sorry for whatever happened to you.
    I request you to give me an appointment to meet you in person to understand the details of the problems and can take appropriate action.
    My Contact No is : 09385398876

  2. dear sumant kumar ,

    thank you for your query regarding castrol bike zone ,
    but i want know that where are you from ie. delhi ,banglore etc

    however i can provide you with the address of castrol bike zone mangol puri

    ie… T4/16 mangol puri industrial area ,phase 1
    new delhi


  3. Sir, I need the details for opening a castrol bike zone (service centre) in and around CHENNAI, could u pls send me the details for it, like what’s u r need, and also i need cnt. person to whom should i talk to about this in person with address.etc. Send details to my e-mail

  4. pls help me i have a cbz star. plz tell me where the castrol bike service zone. i live in west delhi. bye.

  5. hello sir
    i always service my bike in hero honda authorised service centre but now this time i want to service my bike in castrol bike zone. so pls tell me “how much i pay for a simple bike service” thanks.

  6. dear prince ,
    thank you for your your query regarding castrol bike zone
    can you just let me know where in west delhi are you located

    there is a bike zone in mangol puri
    t 4/16 mangol puri industrial area, phase- 1
    near peera garhi
    you can contact on : 011-43860254 / 43860255
    or call mr. bobby: 9350457774
    my mobile no is 9350607091


  7. dear prince,
    let me tell you service at castrol bike zone is for rs.99/- + castol engine oil.


  8. pls tell me where is castrol serstation in around koramangala?
    do u have one?

    Mobile: 9986359513

  9. I am willing to service my bike. i am staying in Mahadevapura whitefield main road. can you please suggest me where is the near by service station.

  10. can some one tell me where the cas bik zones are in hyderabad especially in secunderabad coz thats where i live. well for all the people who have given their opinions i would thank them but i prefer checking these centers out for kindly post the addresses.

  11. CBZ at JC road, Bangalore

    I own a Discover 2006 model. I always used to go to the bajaj showroom for servicing. The service there has been pathetic. I got to know about CBZ from the times of India. I contacted them and got an appointment for the next day. I left my bike for servicing at 09:30 am in the morning stating some gear shifting problems and the brake shoes to be changed. I opted for a gold service (offer was engine oil change free). I got my bike in the evening at 06:30 pm. The bill was amazingly Rs. 515 only. It included the service charges (299), rubber padding change (57), brake shoe change for rear (175). They told me that the front brake shoe is just fine and doesnt need replacement. And the gear shift problem is almost gone….
    amazing job… I asked the babja service centre for this job 4 times n they never bothered to correct it. But CBZ ppl did that…

    My bike is running like anything…. its smoother than before…

    Cool job…
    I m satisfied.

    Ankur Agarwal

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