What can make application more successful?

After looking in to most of the online applications like delicious, flickr, wordpress, blogspot and much more, there is been something called control or what users want to have or show on their applications have shown to rule.

It doesn’t stop with the community application like flickr, wordpress and other. It could be applied to other applications or even domain specific. It could be a network monitoring software or a document editing software or photo editing software.

What I am actually trying to communicate is that the core application gives the desired functionality and the users are given an option to play around to express themselves different from each other by providing plugins or extensions which could relate with their personal interest.

For example
Assume that I use a network monitoring software being a system administrator when my core application is doing my job, well actually monitoring my network, what else would I like to show off or my interest would be

  1. My own personal presence online, what are the ways it could be my blogs, my flickr, my orkut, yahoo groups, IM etc
  2. or I might be even a contributor, who may not even blog but contribute in forums or make comments in blogs
  3. or just read tech news from different aggregators

So how should my application should be
My core application does the job, allows notification/alerts on the current news (eg. virus alerts for network administrators, a new tech on spam blocking etc)

When he reads these articles, he should be able to blog (export) to his wordpress, blogspot of use flickr etc from with in this application or even send this article as a mail to his boss or friends.
For eg. if you have been to groceries store or medical shops in India (cities), if some medicine or a product is not available, he wouldn’t say that he doesn’t have the product, he would send one of his men to fetch the product and give it to the customer. (building repetitive customer ),
so you could ask me does the shopkeeper gets anything and every thing the customer wants?
The answers is simple, what would interest his shop he would, what would his shop gain he would..

the above is just my thought process, if you are a network administrator, just let me know what you have in mind
in short “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

to summarise, people like to control things what they own, would be ready to explore make a change if some one has on the community is contributing things which could improve/change their productivity.

Take my previous post Crazy about cars, The company allows to configure the toys, how about they have a site which allows people to contribute their designs

that could be a kick ass is my feeling

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One thought on “What can make application more successful?

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